“A female figure, with vivid colors. A Maiden, a turned icon of an ideal femininity that I almost imagine as a primeval goddess, guardian and mother of the earth that overlooks so broadly from that balcony”.

In the words of the master Franco Summa, creator of urban art, the description of the work of art, unveiled on 25 September at 6 pm in the panoramic square of Borgotufi, the scattered hotel in Castel del Giudice (Is), where stables and abandoned houses have become a place of tourist hospitality.

“A gentle and strong sign at the same time”, the Maiden stands out from its over 3 meters to consecrate the union between the Molise Apennines and the peaks of Abruzzo. The promoter of the recovery of the village, the entrepreneur Enrico Ricci, proposed the master, who passed away at the age of 81 last January, to design a work in the heart of Borgotufi, the square. Franco Summa imagined the look of this girl on the terrace overlooking the Sangro valley.

The initiative was born in collaboration with the Summa Foundation – which enhances the artistic work of the master and works for the quality of urban places, highlighting the fundamental role of art – and with the patronage of the Municipality of Castel del Giudice.