An imaginative space full of colors that collects the wind that creeps in from the sea in Piazza dei Caduti del Mare in Borgo Sud. Franco Summa’s square was inaugurated on Saturday 11 July, at 10.30 am, immersed in scents and colors. Years of thoughts and projects, at least three successive municipal administrations, the solicitations of the residents, the identification of state resources, finally the permission given to the master by the Torre dei Venti association. A welcoming place to sit and socialize, but also an architectural and chromatic glance that unleashes the fantasy of outdoor activities. The square is decorated with rounded flower boxes, painted in the twelve basic colors. In the center of the square the monument, the “Tower of the Winds”, was installed, a tribute to the history of navigation on the Adriatic Sea. A powerful plastic structure, made light by the brightness of the steel, placed on a base where the thirty-two names of the winds are engraved. The square was a choral work, both on social purposes and in the choice of plants for the flower beds, in order to keep the vegetation of the square alive throughout the year. The members of the association are satisfied and moved: “After the years of planning – Tommaso Visco explains – now it is time for the cure, we will personally take care of the maintenance to ensure that this square always shines”.